Angelee Maritz, Candidate – 7 December 2016 “I’m so incredibly grateful to you for this job. So again, thank you for believing in me and even though I said I was scared to report directly to the owner, you still believed in me.”

Gayle Miller, Hooklift Driver – 10 November 2016  “I am so unbelievably appreciate for all that you have done for me. On the same day that I signed up you were calling me within two hours and letting me know what was going on with work lined up. It has made me so happy and… Read More

What people say

Michelle Tulley – Found work with Inspired Staffing – 12 April 2017 “Inspired Staffing are absolutely fantastic. I met with Jo and Rachel and they were both lovely and extremely helpful. I secured a full time position after my one and only interview. I can honestly highly recommend Inspired Staffing.”  Robert Olaes – Candidate –… Read More